Effective against scars

Easy to use massage tube for gentle, hands-off topical application

Improve the appearance of existing scars and prevent the formation of new ones

You may carry your scars with pride yet experience physical discomfort. Or your scars do not bother you physically, but affect your sense of self-esteem. Spotner Scars can help you. When the dermis ─the ‘deepest’ skin layer─ is broken or torn by external injuries, your body starts the repair process by producing collagen fibres. These look different from normal skin, because of their different composition. The result? Visible scar tissue. With consistent use, Spotner Scars can improve the texture and overall appearance of scars. The easily absorbed formula of Spotner Scars contains silicone, which help to reduces the thickness of scars through hydration. One of the antioxidant ingredients, vitamin C, limits further damage induced by UV light exposure. And vitamin E (a well known antioxidant) protects against the free radicals that break down collagen fibres. Spotner Scars can be used as soon as the skin has healed, in order to prevent scar formation. But existing scars will also benefit from the gel’s smoothing, softening and re-elastifying properties.